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Order FAQ

Do you carry other herbs?

A: We only carry popular selling herbs and mushrooms in inventory but can source almost any request. Please call us toll free at 888-886-8548 to inquire.


What does it mean you write "Shittake Mushroom: 10% polysaccharides"?

A: Many of our herbs and mushrooms are standardized to a certain active marker. Most mushrooms use polysaccharide levels. In the above example, we guarantee that our Shiitake will test for a minimum of 10% polysaccharides. Other herbs will have different active markers. To use an analogy, it's like comparing grape juice with no fruit juice in it, 10% grape juice or 100% grape juice. It's a industry standard to compare quality.


How much does shipping cost and how long will it take for my order to arrive?

A: Orders for 1lb are charged a flat rate of $6.95. Shipping will vary for all other orders based on weight and delivery locaiton. Orders are processed within 2 business days. Allow roughly 1 week for delivery.

How do I check on the status of an order?

A: Please send us an email at sales@nulivlife.com or call us toll-free at 1-888-886-8548. If you provide an email address in the checkout process, simply click on the link provided to check the status of your order

I don't feel safe ordering online. Are there any other ways to order?

A: We also accept orders through the phone. Please call us toll free at 888-886-8548.


What is your return policy?

A: All orders that have not been opened or do not meet our guaranteed active markers will be fully refunded within 60 days. Otherwise, due to potential contamination and exposure, we cannot accept returns.

Is my information kept secure?

A: All ordering information is encrypted with 256 bit SSL which is the gold standard in online commerce. You will see an (https) during the ordering page to know your data is secure. All billing information (such as your credit card #) are kept on our bank's own payment servers which are kept tightly wrapped under additional layers of security.

What is your privacy policy?

A: We will NEVER sell or share your email and other personal information with anyone. 

Do you charge sales tax?

A: We are required by law to charge sales tax to California customers. All other states are tax-free.