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NuLiv's Focus on Quality

Science-Based, University Researched, 3rd Party Verified

NuLiv takes pride in its science-based research platform. Our own R&D laboratory and partnerships with leading research centers and universities in Taipei, Shanghai and Cambridge allow us to constantly screen and test plants and their active compounds for applications in human health.

NuLiv's research laboratory is staffed with researchers trained in pharmacy, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

All of our ingredients are tested for pesticides, bacteria count, heavy metals and verifiable active markers by our research lab in Shanghai. Samples of each herb and mushroom are periodically tested by third party laboratories such as Michelson Labs and Sun Ten Labs and our own customers.

Full Spectrum of Nutrients from Nature 

Our ingredients list contain the full spectrum of nutrients from the original plants they were extracted from. Our PhytoCell processing technology ensures our PhytoCell line of herbs contain the maximum bioavailable nutrients.